Would you like to deepen your connection to your spouse, partner or loved one? Would you like to clarify communication and increase harmony in your home life?

It may seem like a boulder of pain and confusion blocks you and your partner from moving forward. Difficulty communicating your feelings and needs may have left you hopeless and concerned that your partner cannot understand you. Daily reminders of your differences may be impacting your functioning. Are you losing sleep, distracted at work, daydreaming about different realities? If so, you may be experiencing a relationship tipping point. Couples therapy can help.

I’m Michaela McDonald. I combine my background in family systems with EMDR therapy in order to help couples deepen their connection and increase loving communication. Our sessions will increase your skills in navigating your own and your partner’s trigger points. My training and study of the Gottman Method and Nonviolent Communication will help you build on your existing connection with your partner to create healthy and constructive communication. Together we will process intergenerational patterns in each of your families of origin so that you may be free to design a life that meets each of your needs.

The initial phase of the Gottman Method of couples therapy includes a three part assessment. First the couple and Michaela meet for an initial couples sessions. This session involves time for Michaela and the couple to get to know each other and discuss treatment goals. It is also a time for the couple to share an example of a typical conflict or emotional distance they are having at home. Each partner then participates in an individual session with Michaela to share his/her/their unique goals and needs.

The couple and therapist come back together for the third part of the assessment. In this final part of the assessment, Michaela shares her observations about the couple and the Gottman “sound relationship house.” Together, the couple and Michaela create treatment goals addressing conflict, intimacy, meaning making, etc. and begin to move forward to address these treatment goals.

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Michaela McDonald

Michaela McDonald, an Integritas Wellness and Recovery LLC therapist, offers weekly EMDR , as well as couples therapy, utilizing the Gottman technique

Carolyn Solo

I offer EMDR in 50-minute weekly sessions. I also offer EMDR intensives – 2 to 4 hours of EMDR processing. This kind of intensive work allows the processing of trauma and mental health symptoms to progress even more quickly. This approach takes much out of the client and the clinician, so it is only recommended to engage in an intensive once a month at most.




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