Sibling Celebration Class May 21 June 18

Integritas Wellness and Recovery LLC is excited to announce that, due to the popularity of the first Sibling Celebration class

 we will be holding the class two additional times – May 21 and June 18, 2022, from 1:00 – 2:00. Michaela McDonald, MSS LSW, couples and family therapist at Integritas, will be offering a free Sibling Celebration class. Michaela, in addition to being a skilled and experienced therapist, has many years of experience as a childbirth educator and has offered this class in the past at other locations. She is also a mom of three.

This class is intended for families with children ages 3-6 who are adding a new baby or sibling to their family in the near future. Through songs, activities (learn how to put a diaper or a swaddle on a baby doll! Practice safely holding a baby!), and a craft project, siblings will have an integrative and celebratory experience to prepare them for the big and exciting change that is coming in their lives.

To register for the May 21st class, click here: https://integritaswellnessllc.wufoo.com/forms/m19d3n520vlvn21/

To register for the June 18th class, click here: https://integritaswellnessllc.wufoo.com/forms/q10dkm6x0p9t2v1/

This class will be held at Kelly Music Center, 4 E. Eagle Rd, Havertown. Click here for information and directions: https://kellycenter.org/about-us/

We are so excited to offer this service to the community, and we very much look forward to welcoming your family and child(ren) at this event!

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