You’re An Amazing Mom

Hey, new mom. This – this being a mom thing – it’s hard. It’s not you. It’s just so. Hard. ❤️

Especially in a society that does not support moms, while also expecting us to be all the things, all the time, to everyone.

I see you, new mama, warming up that cup of coffee for the 7th time. I see you, wondering and worrying and scrolling Instagram at 3 am, trying to figure out why your baby is waking up every 20 minutes and can’t fall asleep alone. I see you crying at every ped appointment and shot. I see you, wondering if you will ever feel connected to yourself again. I see you, feeling unable to get out of bed, while also being plagued with racing thoughts and not sleeping for worrying that your baby isn’t breathing.

And you know your baby best. You love your baby best. Your baby needs YOU. You are the best mom for your baby.

If you need support during this period of new motherhood, and you’re in PA, feel free to connect with me.

You’re an amazing mom. There’s no one like you.

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